Rolson 24700 Steel File Set, 300 mm - 2 Pieces

1 Piece flat file
1 Piece half round file
Soft rubber cushion grip handles
Suitable for all metal work
Overall length; 300 mm
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Size Name:300 mm

If you work with metal you may find that you have rough or sharp edges on your work piece, which can be dangerous if left untreated as someone could hurt themselves. The best tool to cut or grind away fine material on your metal and wood work is the file. Files generally come as hand tools with a metal bar coated in a hardened surface, most of which have lots of sharp teeth. Files come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, shapes, cuts, and tooth configurations. The cross-section of a file can be flat, round, half-round, triangular, square, knife edge or of a more specialized shape. The cut of the file refers to how fine its teeth are. A single-cut file has one set of parallel teeth while a cross-cut or double-cut file has a second set of cuts forming diamond shaped teeth.This Rolson 24700 2 piece steel file set includes 1 flat file and 1 half round file both with a length of 300mm. The half round file is used for filing the inside of rings or inside curved holes. They come as standard with soft rubber cushioned handle grips for extra comfort when using for long periods. These files are suitable for working on all metal and are ideal for engineers.

Box Contains

300mm Flat File 300mm Half Round File
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